With 42 majors, Sanming University offers you a wide choice of fields of study. In the library you can find a collection of more than 2 million books. Teaching instruments and equipment value more than 1 billion RMB. Advanced Information-based system and network application have been equipped on the campus, sufficient for education and research.

Currently, the University has a total enrollment of approximately 15,000 students. Over 100 international students from over 25 countries are studying at SMU. They enjoy a world-class intellectual environment on a campus nestled snugly in the greenest and most livable city of China and known for its top-notch faculty and first-class facilities. They form a vibrant and essential part of SMU community.

1. Key Majors We Offer

Having 12 secondary colleges and providing 42 undergraduate majors, SMU has set up a complete system of disciplines and specialties covering engineering, management, liberal arts,science, arts, education and economics.

6 Provincial-level Key Majors

Structural Engineering, Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation, Biology, Biochemical Engineering, Botany, Chemical Engineering and Technology.

Construction Major of the Ministry of Education

Artistic Designing Major

Provincial Construction Majors

Chemistry, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Chinese Language and Literature, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Politics and Administration, Elementary Education.

SMU Special Programs

Bio-technology, Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation, Computer Science and Technology.

2.  Research Institutions

Institute of CAD/CAM Technology

Institute of Automotive Engineering Technology  

Institute of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Institute of Forestry Chemistry and Dyestuffs

Institute of Applied Biotechnology

Institute of Computer Application Technology

Institute of Minjiang Headstreams Ecological Protection

Institute of Ecological and Local Culture

Institute of Resource Development and Planning

Institute of Hakka Culture

Fixed Bed Clean Coal Gasification Engineering Technology Research Center

Machinery CAD Engineering Research Center

Internet of things Application Research Center

Animation Development and Production Center

E-Commerce Technology Research Center

Fudan-SMU Natural Medicine Engineering Research Center

Medicinal Plants Development and Utilization Research Center

cleaner production technology Research Center

Laboratory of Resource Environment Testing and Sustainable Operation and Utilization

Laboratory of Materials Engineering and Structural Reinforcement

Animation Creative Product Design and R & D Public Service Platform

Fujian-Taiwan Forestry Research Institute

Traditional Chinese Medicine Sarcandra Glabra Standardized Planting Technology Demonstration Base