Fee Structure

1. Application Fee: 400RMB, pay at registration (No application fees will be returned regardless of admission)


2. Tuition Fee

 Student Type

RMB/year/per person

Start of Program



Liberal Arts 

¥14000 /year





Science & Engineering

¥15000 /year

Physical Education & Arts

¥18000 /year

Non-degree Students

Chinese Language&Culture

¥12000 /year

March& September


Note: The tuition fee for the whole year shall be paid at one time by the date of registration. Except in case of force majeure, the tuition is not refundable. If there is any adjustment of the fees above, updates will be released on the website of the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation in time.


3. Accommodation Fee

Different types of rooms are available on the campus including single room, double room, etc. Each room is equipped with a TV, a refrigerator, a washing machine, Internet, a bathroom and other facilities.

Single room: ¥12000/year/person

Double room: ¥6000/year/person

(Water and electricity fee shall be borne by students).


4. Insurance Fee

All international students are required to buy insurance in accordance with relevant regulations of China and requirements of the school. Failure to get insurance accordingly will be denied for registration. The insurance fee is ¥800/year/person.


5. Other Fees

Other fees may include the textbook fee, medical examination fee, fee for residence permit, etc. Each fee depends on the specific price.